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PageStrength problems?

What is PageStrength?

PageStrength is a metric created by that attempts to rate some of the factors that can make a page/site rank well in the search engines. It is good for a quick first assessment but it should be used with deeper analysis. The actual ranking number should not be taken too seriously as there is potential for abuse.

How is PageStrength used in the "Best Of" Rankings?

The analysis of a directory includes many ranking criteria. The individual factors identified in the
PageStrength analysis are more important than the actual number. These factors usually require further investigation to get a better understanding of the site.

Some ratings that may be deceiving:

- a site that is 8 years old that has been parked for the last 6.
- an old site that became a directory in the last 6 months.
- a site that has purchased a large amount of sitewide links.
- a site that has accumulated links in an obviously unnatural way.
- a site with a large proportion of links from unrelated topic sites.
- a site involved in high volume link exchange schemes.

Over the last 3 months, the PageStrength system has been extremely inconsistent. We try to explain why you may not always get the PageStrength numbers displayed on this site.



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