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How to Get Listed as One of the "Best Web Directories"


Initial Qualification

As you may know, there are several thousands directories on the internet. The list is now growing by about a hundred a week. Consequently, I limit reviews to sites that have been around for awhile. Niche directories are more likely to have younger sites, especially if there aren't a lot of good free ones to choose from. Paid directories are held to a much higher standard.

Any directory that is obviously not SEO friendly does not get past this point.


Submissions for Free Directories

The review consist of a 2 or 3 rounds of submissions to different categories of the directory. Once the original submissions have been approved, a second round is initiated. In a small amount of cases, a third round of submissions is used. Directories are often good at approving submissions when they are new but many owners lose interest in free submissions over the long run.

Once a site is added to one of the "Best Web Directories" list, periodic submissions are made to ensure that they are still approving sites.

The directory must be SEO friendly and score well on most of the directory ranking criteria.


Does Your Directory Deserve to be One of the Best?

I use the list of directories at as a starting point. If your site is not listed, ensure that your submit your site first. The free submission takes only a moment.

I receive many emails requesting to be on the list. I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to them all. Do you believe that your directory is one of the best? If you meet the the criteria below please email me details of the following:

  • SEO friendly
  • site has been a directory for more than a year, 3 years for a paid general directory.
  • your site is listed highly in Google for wide array of directory / search terms

Tell us why your directory is better than the rest.

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