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Link Building Ideas

We all know that webmasters are constantly on the prowl for new and better ideas for link building. They understand that link building help websites to gain popularity because search engines determine the quality of a site by the number of backlinks it has. An experienced webmaster can turn around a website’s fortune by dreaming up novel ways of link building.

Some of the well known techniques used by experienced webmasters are:

Link Building through Blog Commenting

We have seen readers’ comments below blog posts. These are the readers’ reaction to what the blogger posted. Blog commenting, as it is called, is widely used by bloggers to keep in touch with their readers. Successful blogs can claim hundreds and even thousands of readers.

A good webmaster makes use of blog commenting to popularize her website by posting comments on blogs. You can add your website link while commenting. These links help interested readers to visit your site by clicking on these links. Moreover, you are gaining a backlink by doing this.

Make sure that you choose blogs with high traffic and topics relevant to your website. If your website is about the latest gizmos, do not comment on a blog about animal husbandry. It might harm the reputation of your website. Online directories such as AllTop, Technorati,, and etc. will help you search for blogs related to your topic.  

As always what you write is very important. If the quality of your comment is good you can be sure that people will be interested to click on the link. Therefore make well studied comments so as to attract more readers.

Link Building through Forums posts:

Forums are online discussion sites. Posting messages and engaging in the forum discussions is another way to build links. These forums must not be mistaken for chat rooms. In chat rooms messages are not archived. Here forum posts are stored and readers can return to it anytime.

While posting on a forum you can give the link to your website or add a signature from your user profile. The more you participate and post your comments, the more backlinks you can generate.

The main advantage is that search engines are fond of forums as these are content rich. A link originating from a forum helps your website to rank better.

If you post relevant materials and actively participate in the discussions, you can attract more visitors to you website. The posts must be related to the topic discussed. It must provide new information to the reader. Your post should not be a mere advertisement for your website. This will ruin your credibility and thus harm the reputation of your website.

Link Building through Directory Submissions

Another method employed by experienced webmasters for link building is to submit their website to Online Directories. These directories functions more or less like real world directories. They categorize and list each website according to the topic. Online directories help web users find websites related to the topic that they are searching from these categories.

Getting listed on online directories is an effective way to build links. Besides, search engine crawlers rank your site better if you are listed among other high quality websites.

Link building by online directory submission is time consuming when compared to blog commenting or forum posts. It usually takes 15 days for your website to get listed in a directory. It may even extend up to two months depending on the directory. Some well known online directories are Yahoo Directory, DMOZ directory, Gimpsy, JoeAnt,,etc.

Link Building through Article Directories

Good webmasters view article directories as another effective method for link building. Article Directories are directories that list and categorizes articles submitted to it. Each article in an article directory can host links to your website through the author bio section.

People interested in your article can visit your website through the link that you provide in your author bio. If your article is well written and original, readers might post it on their websites or blog, together with a backlink to your website. With good and well researched content your article gets a huge audience together with hundreds of one-way links.

Always remember that your article must be original and not copied or plagiarized from other sources. Copied articles are rejected by Article Directories. Some of the well known article directories are,, etc.

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