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Here are some little things that can be aggravating to people trying to submit to web directories. If you are a directory owner you may learn something here or you may find it more satisfying looking at the Directory Owner's Pet Peeves.

1 A free directory that never gets around to listing your free submission.
This site tries to keep you away from them.
2 Directory does not pass PR
Directories that try to save PR for themselves by using scripted redirect links, the Nofollow attribute, disallowing the page in robots.txt, and more. See negative ranking factors.
3 Surprise - reciprocal link required
A directory that advertises "Free listings" everywhere, lets you find the right category, add all your information and then towards the end tells you that a reciprocal link is required.
4 Time consuming submission process. Lengthy Guidelines can also be included here. A large list of long-winded rules can be a turn-off.
5 Slow response time.
6 Must retype everything
If you fail the validation edits, you have to reenter everything.
7 Unreasonable image verification
Having verification images that are practically unreadable, too long or too complicated. I don't know what is worse, spending the time to get it right or doing it fast and having to redo it. The image should be the bare minimum required to stop the automated submitters. I sometimes get the feeling that the designers get a kick out of how complicated they can make them.
8 Junk mail
Getting blasted with excessive junk mail from a directory. One directory was sending out unrelated emails less than 24 hours after receiving submissions.
9 No approval emails
A directory that request an email address but does not email you when your site is approved or rejected.
10 Bad Directory Structures
  • Lack of clear structure that make it time consuming to find the correct category.
  • No sub-categories results in hundreds or thousands of listings in the same category.
  • Too deep, too many levels of categories, meaning that the listing will never receive a decent PageRank. Can also take forever to navigate down to the correct category.
11 Personal information required
A directory that requests personal information like phone numbers and addresses that isn't listed in the directory. Why?
12 Less than perfect search algorithms
  • Search that do not work or that do not return very good results.
  • Search results that do not show the category that a site is listed in. This feature simplifies finding the correct category.

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