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Titles & Descriptions for Directory Submission


Vary your link title text
Links help your rankings but search engines look for evidence of deliberate link building behavior. Since it would be highly unlikely for a large number of sites to naturally link to your site using the same exact link text you it makes sense to vary your own link text. The more variations the better. We allow you to enter up to 20 different titles with our submission service. If you enter multiple titles and descriptions we will randomly submit the titles and descriptions to different directories.

Title Length
We recommend that titles should be 3-5 words in length. A 2 word title is usually good but many directories only allow a particular title to be used once in a category. If you have a short title that is common like "Criminal lawyer" it is likely already used in the appropriate category. Your brand can also be used to make the title unique.

Instead of "Criminal lawyer" a better choice may be something like:
- Criminal lawyer - Chicago
- Chicago Criminal Lawyer
- Criminal lawyer - Chicago, Illinois  
- Criminal lawyer - Acme Law Firm
- Criminal lawyer -  
- AcmeLawFirm Criminal law - Chicago   
- Acme Law Firm (some titles should be based on your brand)  
- Acme Law Firm - Chicago
- AcmeLawFirm Criminal law
- (some titles should be your domain)

If you choose short titles please include some alternate titles in the additional titles box so that we would have alternatives whenever required.

Title Text
- the title should not be a list of keywords or keyword phases
- avoid using superlatives (e.g. best, greatest)
- do not use ALL CAPS
- do not use things that will change over time, like prices or promotions.
- all lowercase letters are not accepted by some directories.


Vary your link descriptions
Using unique description. The page that your site is listed has a better chance of getting indexed in the main search engine indexes if it is unique. Google is also likely getting better at analyzing the text surrounding a link. It would be unnatural for a website to always have the exact same text next to link anchor text. Just a couple of small things to think about.

Description Length
Descriptions should be between 150 and 250 characters. Many directories now require a minimum of 150 characters. Punctuation and spaces are counted as characters.

Description Text
Describe features and benefits of your product or service.
- the description should not be a list of keywords or keyword phases
- avoid describing things that change over time such as prices or specials
- avoid sounding overly promotional
- avoid using too many superlatives (best, greatest)
- do not capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word
- try to minimize spelling and grammar errors.

See also our tips for improving your approval rates.

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