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The Problem with Some Free Directories

A directory listings can be a great source of one way links. The only problem is that many of these website waste your time because they never get around to adding your link. Although most sites start with good intentions, many get to a point in time where they no longer have intention of adding your link.

Overwhelmed with Submissions
Most directory owners start out with great intentions. They plan to add only quality sites to their directory and review all submissions thoroughly. These sites are often a victim of their own success. These owners cannot keep up once they start receiving thousands of submissions a week, especially when there is no real revenue coming in.

Not Profitable
Once a directory reaches a certain point some owners find that it is not profitable to spend the time adding more submissions. Adding new listings won't dramatically increase their advertising revenue. Non-profitable sites could also reduce the amount of promotion/advertising they do, which could easily mean a reduction in their future PR.

Upsell Opportunity
Some directory owners have no intention of adding free listings. Their main goal is to use the free listing as a means of convincing you to purchase their paid listing. Your email address helps them with this task.

Huge Networks of Directories
Rather than spend time creating a good directory, many people create 100 crappy ones. These directories are often identical cookie cutter directories that are created with the hope for a quick buck.

The good directories are out there. The only problem is that these businesses/sites change with time and you can't tell the good from the bad without a program. Luckily we provide you with the program here with our Top Free Directory listings.

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