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Benefits of Directory Submission

For your business to grow, you have to advertise and advertise wisely. One of the ways for getting your business out there is creating a website and posting it in the Internet, and the Internet offers many web directories where you can have your website posted.

What is a Directory?

A web directory is a broad directory which lists lots of websites according to categories and subcategories, making it easier for Internet users to search for a particular topic or subject. The editors of directories will classify your website not according to the density of keywords or homepages but on the content of your website. These web categories are also periodically updated for the benefit of the Internet users.

How Directories Help Your Business

Website owners can benefit a lot from submitting their websites to directories - be it free or paid. One benefit is that the editors only qualify those websites that have relevant web contents. After your website has qualified to be listed in their directory, your website will be placed in high PageRank pages. This means that you will geta bit more relevant traffic to your site, and more relevant traffic equals to maximum exposure, visibility and more publicity.

Directories also link your websites to other websites of similar topic. This greatly increases your PageRank significance especially if the directory links you to a prestigious and legitimate website. The higher PageRank your website has the better chances it has of being placed at the top pages of the search engine. Remember, that PageRank is only one of many factors.


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