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Just to be fair to the directories, here is a list of the things that tend turn off directory editors. If you submit your site for consideration, reading this list could help improve your chances of having your website listed.

Directory Owner Pet Peeves

1 Sites submitted to the wrong category.
Submitters that make no effort to find the most appropriate category.
2 Inappropriate sites
Submitting sites even when they don't follow clearly stated submission rules/policies.
3 Bad spelling and grammar
People that submit with little care to their site details.
4 Automated submission tools
The majority of directory owners don't like these tools. The categorization doesn't work well and the sites submitted tend to be poor quality.
5 Multiple submissions of the same site
More than one submission from the same site. Multiple sub-domains may fall in this category.
6 Poorly written titles
Submitting titles that are all caps, punctuation marks, unnecessary symbols, or numbers that are not part of the site name. Titles made up entirely of keywords.

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