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800 Internet Directories

Alphabetical list of directories that are over 8 years old


Update: The information on this list has not been updated as of late. For an up-to-date list, visit our sister site at, a well categorized list of about 20,000 directories. The site includes great niche and regional classifications.
For anyone who hasn't visited this site before, I recommend that you start with the best free directories. The free directory list contains high PR sites that have been carefully reviewed. For those who have visited this list we have a new page of new directory listings.

Listings I - Z

F = Free, R = Reciprocal, P = Paid

Site name
(in 2006)
See Review
Comments / Notes F+P Free R   Webmaster dir. P P   Web Design dir. P   UK dir. was PR5 F N/A   no submission, uses DMOZ data P  

was PR5 F+P Paid <$20 R   Webmaster dir. P F F+P    
A     Australian shopping dir. F+P   Business dir.
Abilogic F+P Paid <$20 P Paid P F   New Zealand dir. P F+R     not recommended R+P P   Was PR4 F+R F   Not recommended P P P     No longer exists P P   Business dir. P F Free P R+P F+P R P F P P P Paid <$10 F F P   Gaming dir. P P P     no visible submission info F   UK dir.     Legal dir.     Austrian dir. F F   kids dir. F P    
B R Reciprocal Business dir. P F R P Paid R+P P F   US Business dir.     Blog dir. F   Directory no longer exists?     Blog dir. R+P   Blog dir. F+P   Blog dir.
Bluefind P   Not recommended F   Forum Search P Paid F   UK dir. F   UK dir. P P Travel Travel dir. P  

Business dir. UK UK dir. - Business F+P P F+P t  
C R Canadian Canadian dir. F Canadian Canadian dir. R+P F   Canadian dir.     Canadian dir. F Canadian Canadian dir. P   was PR6 F P P P    
Cipinet R   American city info F F   not recommended, listing pages are not indexed by G
Click4Choice P   Jump links do not pass PR F   SEO dir. F F F F   was PR3 in the past F Graveyard P F    

Site name
(in 2006)
See Review
Comments / Notes
D P P R F P R+P   Webmasters dir. P   Software dir. R   was PR4, not recommended F R+P F   Site no longer found. F F F F F P R    
dirOne F+P   Not recommended P Paid <$10 F Free P   UK dir. F   Australian dir. Riot F+P Graveyard  
E F Graveyard F F F   Forum Search
EZWeb-Tools F    
Site name
(in 2006)
See Review
Comments / Notes
F F FIO Search F+P   Business dir. Not recommended R   Blog dir. F   UK dir / search engine R   Not recommended F   Forum dir. - May 21, 08 bandwidth limit exceeded.      
F Webmaster Resources R   Not recommended F F   not found ? R   Not worthwhile
Genious Find F   Not recommended P Paid P Paid R   Hosting dir. R+P F+P    
Hobby Line P F R   Home and garden dir. P F    
HOTvsNOT R+P   Not recommended P P    

F = Free, R = Reciprocal, P = Paid

Directory List I - Z

Note to Directory Owners: Because of the number of sites and because we do not actively review these, the links on this page use the rel="nofollow" tag. You have to make one of the "Best Of" lists to get a direct link. We also have a our Directory of Directories on our sister site that does provide a direct link.

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