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Website Quality Factors

What factors point to a poor quality site
(in the eyes of a search engine)

  1. The site's content is very similar to other content on the web. A site that has little original content would be less trusted.
  2. Site has outbound links pointing to low quality / spamy sites.
  3. Participation in a link scheme. An artificial increase in inbound links.
  4. A large percentage of inbound links from sites that are low quality, spamy or have unrelated content.
  5. Unnatural anchor text. A site without a normal distribution of anchor text is a sign that they are probably buying or trading for links rather than getting them organically.
  6. A reasonable proportion of "sitewide" inbound links. Site is probably buying or trading for links rather than getting them organically.
  7. An unnatural accumulation of inbound links (especially for a new site). An increased probability that the site is buying links.
  8. A high percentage of inbound links point to the home page. A lower probability that links are organic.
  9. Having sitewide links on your site. An increaed probability that site selling advertising.
  10. Lower than average site visits or time spent on site.

Google has the skills to identify many or all of these factors and they are getting better every day. A site can probably get away with a couple but too many will reduce as site's overall trust.


Some History

  1. In the past, it was common for webmasters to duplicate their site, make changes to it and put out one or many new sites. They could then SEO each site for different keywords. Webmasters could increase their link total by accumulating a bunch of sites and linking them to each other. A long time ago, Google implemented algo type solutions to handle these issues. Because of the effectiveness of the solutions, the practice is not really common today.
  2. Google has always favored algorithm filters rather than manual manipulation of results. They are very good at what they do. There are some pretty smart cookies hanging out at the Google Plex. I have admited long ago that they are much smarter than me.



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